Why can’t I figure out what to do with my life? What’s the point of work?

Why does everyone else seem to have it all figured out? To answer these questions, we need to go to the source of all goodness, all purpose, all life.

We need to invite God into our work.

Our world glorifies finding our purpose - but what if our purpose if written on our souls? What if God knew, from the very beginning, how work would serve to bring us closer to Him? What if, instead of being an obstacle, work was actually a pathway to sanctity?


Five-Day Work/Life
Email Retreat

The Work/Life Mini Email Retreat dives into these questions and explores the true nature of work. Over five days, we’ll come to restore and renew our understanding of work – what it’s for, what it says about us, and how God can use even the most mundane and unglamorous ways to bring us closer to Him. What are you waiting for? Sign up below.

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