Did you know the word priority was initially defined as "The one most important thing that takes precedence"?

That's right! The word "priority" has only recently been pluralized - leading to a culture where we are pulled in countless directions, lacking peace, clarity, direction, and (in most cases) substantial progress towards God's call on our life.

By prayerfully considering your priorities, you're opening up to God's call on your life. Where is He calling you? Just as importantly: Where is He not calling you?

This worksheet is a great place to get started! This is not a static exercise, so I encourage you to set a date every quarter to return and update it.


Priority Audit Worksheet

Feeling stuck, lacking clarity, desiring peace, and longing for direction? The answers are already inside of you! God has given us the Spirit to guide us in peace, gentleness, and courage. This worksheet will help you to discern what God is asking of you right now, so you can step forward with confidence and joy.

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